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looking for furniture crafted just for you?

Or ready to transform your space with our tailored interior design services today?

Bespoke Furniture and Interior Design

Is Your Unique Home Awaiting Its Perfect Furniture Match?

Discover tailored furniture design solutions that complement your home's unique style

and Interior Design needs.

Are you frustated with furniture that doesn't match your unique home's character?

Sloping ceilings, odd slanted corners, and intrusive pipes can make standard pieces unsuitable and out of place. It's like wearing a suit that hasn't been tailored to your measurements—uncomfortable and out of place.

Your home definitely deserves furniture that complements its distinctive features, blending seamlessly rather than clashing with them.


Benefits & Features

  • Custom Crafted: Bespoke furniture that answers the call of your home's unique layout and dimensions. 
  • ​Made to Measure: Custom furniture that's crafted to perfectly match your lifestyle and enhance your home.
  • Artisanal Touch: Every piece of handmade furniture is a celebration of Italian craftsmanship tailored for British homes and spaces.​
  • ​Precision and Style: Custom made furniture that turns problematic spaces into elegant tailored solutions.

People who care about design trust us to make their homes and spaces look great.

From London flats to countryside cottages, shop and commercial space, our customers love how we turn tricky spaces into stylish and functional places.

Lema-Bespoke-tv-unit-and-interior-design (4) copy.jpg

Bespoke beauty, tailor-made perfection

Whether you seek a single statement piece or a full interior home design transformation, we're here to craft your vision. And if you've already found a craftsman you trust, we can collaborate by offering exclusive design services, providing detailed plans and creative direction to bring your vision to life with elegance and precision.

Get in touch for Furniture Design and Interior Design service that understands British homes and spaces, and use them as a canvas to create beauty and functionality tailored for you.

Italian Craftsmanship in London - Matteo Mugnai Furniture

Our clients

Oliver Thompson, London

"It was hard for me to find beautiful furniture to fit my London flat’s challenging dimensions until I found Matteo.
My custom-made bookcase has become the centerpiece of my living room with the fireplace and has drastically improved the quality and aesthetics of my home.
I couldn't be happier with the quality and service. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for that perfect piece to complete their space." 

Eleanor Davies, Reading

"When it came to redesigning our Victorian home, it was difficult to find someone who could respect its history while bringing it contemporary.
They navigated the complexities of our space with ingenious solutions, making every room a testament to timeless design.
The result is a living space that not only meets my functional needs but also reflects my personal style. Exceptional service from start to finish!"

Sofia Pupo, Wimbledon

"Living in a charming London home with its sloping ceilings and slanted corners,  I always seemed to have trouble acquiring furniture that fits just right. Standard pieces either clash with the unique character of my space or simply are not functional as I needed a lot of storage.
MM's bespoke furniture design was the solution I needed. The team designed a custom wardrobe that fit my sloping ceiling perfectly and a bespoke desk that turned an strange corner into my favorite part of the house."
matteo mugnai service copy.jpg
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