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design philosophy

Minimal Pop is my design philosophy, a way of thinking and living design.  


My motto: “Less Pops More” .

It's a dialogue between the essentiality of minimalism and the exuberance of pop art, blending the two into a distinctive style that combines minimalism’s simplicity with pop art’s vibrancy and warmth.  

Colour Balance:
Understated pop colours are toned down to enhance minimalist forms, creating balanced warm contrasts, avoiding the coldness of traditional minimalism movement. 

Dynamic Shapes:

Simple shapes transform into curves, blending minimalism’s precision with pop’s playfulness. My aesthetic combines the rigid precision of minimalism with the more playful and dynamic approach of pop art, seeking the perfect balance without clashing.

Materials and Textures:

I use sustainable materials—sfc wood, metal, fabrics, wallpaper, and recyclable plastic—with vibrant, simplified textures and patterns. These materials are selected not only for their sustainability but also for their ability to transform ordinary design into something extraordinary.

Ode to Retro:

Stylistic references to the 1950s are often present, mixing classic furniture with modern pieces, in a fusion that celebrates both the past and the future, always interpreted in a modern key.

Sustainability and Social Impact:

I am committed to sustainability and social responsibility, promoting eco-friendly practices.

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